Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cousins in Victoria

Maia Rhiannon and I visited the Empress for tea and a wonderful stay.

The girls had a great time exploring Victoria together!

We even visted Ross Bay cemetery and and searched for Charlie #1 (Maia's great, great, great, great grandpa) He's buried toe to toe with Emily Carr, so we said hi to her, too.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Sailing Camp

Maia went to her first sailing camp this summer. Happily she loved it and has asked to go for another week. One neat thing with the camp is she is sailing the same sort of boat and is in the same age group that I first taught when I was in high school. The other cool thing is the owner of her school is Ross McDonald - a Canadian Olympic sailor and one of my first crushes. I even had his poster in my locker:)

While Maia is having fun sailing she isn't showing signs of being a prodigy. Apparently the boats just steer themselves into each other on occasion and at one point she said the leaders wanted them to play, "follow the leader, in BOATS! How ridiculous is that?" she asked, "It's not like a boat knows where its going." She was the one on the tiller btw:)