Sunday, April 14, 2013

I’m Baaack!

G’day mates! I haven’t posted in a while and for that I’m truly sorry. I’ve been very busy, you know, running a joke shop, circus, horse camp, all the normal things.

To start with I am very proud to announce that my friends and I have started a joke shop! Jokes Via Ceilidh. We sell shock pens, fake gum, fake pencils and fake blood. Real wide variety, isn’t it? We have made (let me add this up) a grand total of (that can’t be right) $2.20. Oh. Well that was just the profit!

What next . . . (Let me consult my notes) Ahhhhh, yes, Circus! Well I have been moved to (drum roll) 7 hours a week! 3 times a week. I am learning cloud swing, a type of rope that is suspended from both ends. You do all sorts of tricks on it.

And finally, Kiah Park Horse Camp. I was there for a week. I rode a sweet black mare called Minty for most of the week; but she was so stubborn that I rode a lovely chestnut gelding called Zumba for the rest of the week. Zumba and I took 4th in barrels, bounce pony and horsemanship. We got 3 ribbons that looked very handsome around his neck. We went swimming in the dam, I was so cold, my teeth were literally chattering. There was a flying fox where you would go skimming across the surface of the water like a skipping stone.

I’m in 7th grade now and I’m the vice captain of my school house. (I get a badge and a-a-a, well I get the badge). That’s pretty cool cause I’m a school leader and I get to boss around all the little kids! (No, not really). Anyways I will post again soon and so long for now!