Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pizza Party of Death

The Pizza Party WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A REGULAR PIZZA PARTY. But no it was the pizza party of death! We were innocently watching a movie at my friend's boat in the cockpit when my friend's parents came home and told us to go inside (to put it mildly) WHAT THE HECK! Then it hit us (both literally and figuratively) BOOM! A CHUBASCO! AHHHHHH! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! BOOM! CRASH! MAYHEM! CATASTROPHE! We all tumbled inside. WE'RE ALL GONNA TO DIE! We all survived and my dad picked me up AT 1 IN THE MORNING! Ok we didn't die but . . . you never know.

(a chubasco is a big wind storm with lots of waves and lightening) pronounced choo- bass- co.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crafts on the Beach

Yesterday I dyed one of my favorite dresses. It was a white embroidered slip, which my mom thought was too stained to wear. So she suggested I dye it when we were invited to a dying class on the beach. I did. I dyed it purple and turquoise. Turquoise at the hem and purple for the rest. It looks really cool now. There were tons of colors to choose from but I eventually chose purple and turquoise. It sort of looks like tie dye but cooler. Some people dyed bags, others blankets and still others shirts. Anyway, I had an amazing day and I'm happy I did it. Dying stuff is fun.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Sealion Under my Boat

Playing with Nadine under my boat
Nadine is a sealion in Bay of LA. My mom named her. She’s a beautiful young juvenile who loves to play. She also loves to taunt Charlie, (poor Charlie!) She’s small and slim and sleek. She makes woofing noises. She’s a very good friend.

She seems to like the shade of our boat and hides under the bridgedeck. 

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Birthday

My 9th birthday wasn't nice. It was awesome. I got so many nice letters! Oh, how on earth am I going to answer them all? I know! I'll write a blog post about my birthday.

I got lots of wonderful gifts like beautiful homemade clay beads (my mom), gorgeous black pearl earrings and a dance trapeze (my dad), a huge bottle of whipped cream (my friend Carolyne), and bacon (Jesse). I also saw dolphins and fireworks. The fireworks were in the anchorage. The dolphins were out at sea. We caught a giant dorado. The dorado was two feet long and yellow with blue spots. So all and all I think I got my moneys worth.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Tortilleria

I just got fresh tortillas today and can you guess where they came from? Yup that's right the tortilleria.

 The tortilla machine looks like a giant conveyer belt with a shmoosher, and a fire, and a cooling rack, all in one. The shmoosher shmooshes, the fire cooks, and the cooler cools.

We bought harina (wheat flour) but you can also get maiz (corn). You can buy medio kilo for 12 pesos or about 1$.

Playing Pioneers

 My friends and I wanted to know what it was like to live without modern resources . . . .

We dressed like them, we ate like them, we talked like them, we cooked like them and we even acted like them. And who did we do it all like?  1 simple question 1 simple answer.

My friend Carolyne took this picture
 PIONEERS we lived like them.

Expect for the house which was a cave, we lived like them.

When my friends Amy, Carolyne and I went to the beach, we set up a pioneer camp. While we were there we saw crabs, seagulls, and pelicans. And then it started to rain and waves came crashing down on the rocky shore. But we cleaned and cooked through the violent thunder storm.  And I would do it again.
yumm... potato leek soup

  Here we are cooking a meal.