Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Eggs in Mexico

In Mexico there isn't any Easter Egg dye. So you have to make your own natural dye. We used things we found in the kitchen such as turmeric, hibiscus and beets.
We put the raw eggs in with the colour, then brought it to a boil until the eggs were hard cooked. We thought the hibiscus would turn purple-ish red, the turmeric would be orange and the beets would be red.
We were wrong! The greyish one was the hibiscus (I thought it looked like a dinosaur egg), the tan one was beet and the yellow one was turmeric. Who knew??
They still tasted good, even if they looked strange.

Later we finished off with a book we read every Easter, The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moments with friends

How do you shimmy up a coconut palm with only two people?
Scooters are the most typical transportation for cruising kids. You always know which boat has kids judging by the scooters parked out front.
Here we are in front of the local paleta (ice cream) shop having agua frescas (fruit drinks).
Supper with friends.
Sewing quilts with friends.
 Heaven! Dessert at a potluck!
Building a fairy home.

By the way keep an eye out for a future copy of Latitudes and Attitudes. You might find a story written by Mairen, Siobhan and I. We just learned that the magazine is buying the story we submitted!