Friday, July 06, 2012

My Day as a Zookeeper

this is a barn owl called Milo

this is a wedge tailed eagle called Omega

this is a sea eagle called Illuka

This is a barn owl called smudgee

This is Tanami the dingo

 me and Utopia the koala
utopia agaian

Hello again. It's been a while. Yesterday I went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and took part in their 'junior zoo keeper for a day' program. We got to learn about animals such as platypuses, dingos, cockatoos, koalas, and many other types of birds. We made clay toys with nuts stuck in them for the cockatoos to play with and eat. We cuddled koalas, held barn owls and pet barking owls. We cleaned the dingos enclosure and hid bits of meat for them. We sorted through meal worms and earth worms for a tasty lunch for Barak the platypus. It was a very full day. I had a very good time (even though I had to get up a 6:45, blargggg!). The employees all took very good care of the animals and they obviously love them a lot. The Koalas were sleepy and cuddly and would snuggle up against you. The dingos were excitable and happy and leaped to greet you. The Platypus was energetic and could stay underwater for over 2 minutes! We fed kangaroos and looked at tiny joeys. I thought it was a great program and I really enjoyed myself.