Thursday, October 16, 2008

another fam trip or two

So once again, the Selkirk / Gatehouse family braves the wilds of travel writer fam trips and goes on two trips to the Okanogan. First trip was by plane; 2nd by RV. I prefer flying actually
- Evan

Maia at the Lavender Farm

Just another wee tiny snack to tide us over until the main lunch course arrives. This was a surprise as we thought the snack was lunch....

At Quail's Gate Winery, waiting (again darn it) for the appetizers to arrive

Cycling over the wooden trestle bridges of the Kettle Valley Railroad. If you don't know what the KVR is, look it up. It's a cool story.

World's Largest Dandelion (tm)

At another desert winery. Do you think they were expecting us?

This was fresh wine in the barrels. It smelled sooo good