Thursday, December 03, 2015

South Africa and Christmas Decorations

Merry Christmas month, my faithful readers! Tis the season to wear jumpers, drink eggnog and buy three kilos of icing sugar at a time. I’ve done two of these things, but I have yet to find eggnog. Anyways, I’m in South Africa! I’m still in culture shock. There’s a mall… with clothes… and grocery stores… and fro-yo. We’re in a marina, which is also weird. The mall was super busy the last time we went, cause for some reason they have Black Friday sales even though they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. It was really over-whelming, so it kind of put me off going for a while. We’re having a great time meeting new friends and exploring this amazing country. Recently, we rented a car and went on a three day safari, which was brilliant. There were rhinos, giraffes, elephants, zebras and heaps of different birds and animals. Unfortunately, there’s a very severe drought going on which has been on for three years. This means that most of the water in the park that we went to has dried up. They’ve actually had to start trucking in water for the animals. In the estuary where we went to see hippos and crocodiles, we saw flamingos at the mouth, which our guide explained meant that the water was incredibly low, because normally they only stand farther up the estuary where the water is shallow. Also, the estuary is now classed as a lake because it no longer connects to the ocean. Despite the drought, our safari was absolutely fantastic. Merry Christmas again, and I hope you’re all doing well, and eating gingerbread and frantically buying wrapping paper as the end of this year approaches. It’s gone so quickly, and I hope all of you had a great one, and enjoyed hearing a little bit about my travels. This year, I crossed the Indian Ocean and made it to South Africa, and I’m pretty proud of that. Happy holidays everyone.