Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Seychelles: Ginger Ale, Mountains and Baguettes

My deepest and most sincere apologies for not writing while in Chagos. I’m sure you were all devastated and wept salty tears of despair every day of my absence. Well cry not faithful readers, for I have RETURNED! Chagos was beautiful and magical, a tropical paradise deserving of the name. Unfortunately, there was no food. Or people. Or much of anything besides palm trees, sand and sea. Which was fine for a while, but it got a bit old. So after a month, we set off for the Seychelles, that mystical land of cheese, revealing clothing and trees that aren’t palm trees. 

As we sighted the land on the horizon, hilly, beautiful mountainous land, I noticed something. Two things actually. One, it was almost chilly, and two, the sight of mountains is a very necessary thing after three months in a country where most of it is only about a meter above sea level. 

We’ve been here just over a week and I have discovered some very exciting things. They have proper ginger ale, they have French pastries, and, I’m allowed to wear shorts. Heck, I could wear a mini-skirt and crop top with four-inch heels if it struck my fancy! It’s funny what things excite you after a month with no city, town or even village. Also, they have a shower on shore!

On the week long passage from Chagos, we weren’t getting a lot of power from the solar panels, so we weren’t able to make a lot of water. This led to a very difficult choice each day. I could shower, and be clean, or I could charge my computer and watch something. Basically, I could be clean and bored, or be entertained and less clean. Ahh, decisions, decisions . . . Now that we have showers on shore, I can be clean and entertained. It just seems so . . . luxurious. 

Anyways, we’re enjoying the Seychelles and I will continue to describe my experiences here.