Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hi! I have another pet. Its not a cat or a dog or a goldfish. Can you guess what he is? No? Well I'll tell you.
 meet Hoppy
He's a hermit crab! When I walked down the beach yesterday I saw a cool looking shell so I picked it up and there was Hoppy! ( that's what I call my crab) I asked my mom if I could keep him and she said yes. I'm teaching tightrope walking to him and he's very good . He does it up side down. Its pretty funny! Hoppy is blue gray with red at the joints and a white shell. He has black googooly eyes.
 he changes his shell every so often

His habitat is a glass bowl with sand, water, shells, and a big rock. Hoppy's not fuzzy but boy is he cute! He loves climbing up my arms and legs.
 Hoppy's habitat
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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Home Sweet Home

My room was nice before, but now it's even better. I have almost an entire hull to myself. I've got a desk, a small playroom and a bunk to sleep in.
My current design plan is to paint copper coloured cats on my bedroom ceiling and turquoise swirls too. I've also got dark forest green curtains with multi-coloured straps to hold them in place.