Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Hollow Zoo - before it reopens after reconstruction

Hi everybody who reads my blog. This is a blog post about a zoo I've been going to since I was little. My friend is the Zoo Curator so I get to go behind the scenes and learn about the animals.
This is a Foosa. It's from Madagascar and it's endangered. It eats lemurs, which are also from Madagascar. I helped to excercise her by waving a scrub brush back and forth around her cage. She also likes playing with Elk-flavoured bubbles. She got really excited when we took the bubbles out and looked sort of sad when we put them away. She'll be getting a beautiful new habitat as soon as the zoo is finished.

 This is Sophia the Jaguar I first met her when she was a baby.

This is a little porcupine I got to pat. I also got a few of her quills and one of her whiskers. This is the play ground that is under construction and that I got to play on.

Exploring the Exploratorium!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

An impromptu cleanup

After San Francisco got some heavy rain this week, the estuary behind our boat filled with all manner of floating debris.  Maia was giving me one of her spa treatments on the forward nets, when the garbarge floating below caught my eye.  We grabbed the fishing net and did our little part for the environment. 

My favorite quote from Maia "The smart people have a responsibility to clean up after the stupid people."  Words to live by...

- Evan

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

San Francisco Fantastic

When we finally reached San Francisco - my immediate reaction was 'wow!" The Golden Gate Bridge sparkelled in the sun, the city was huge, the houses were beautiful.

After years of planning and a month of sailing we finally got here. I wish everybody who reads this blog could see what the city is like for real.

oof this is heavy