Monday, January 09, 2012

Charlie the Cat is Home!!

CHARLIE THE CAT IS BACK! It's a cat, it's dog, no I was right the first time, it's a cat! And not just any cat, oh no, it's Charlie the Cat! Charlie the Cat has been missing in action for nearly a year, but he's back from his 11 month long vacation with new found courage to face the hardships of life afloat. When he left to go live with my grandparents I was so sad. I felt as though my best friend had deserted me. And now after 11 months of hissing at dogs and hiding in a cupboard, after 3 plane rides, a month of quarantine, several car trips and 1 dinghy ride he finds himself back where he started his long, long trip. He isn't very shy and he seems very happy. He remembers his old hiding places and he remembers not to fall over board. I'm so happy to have him back. And he's happy to be here.