Friday, January 06, 2006

A tender teaching moment

While in the grocery store Maia asked me how babies get in their mummy's tummys.

Me "The baby grows from an egg that the daddy fertilizes."

Maia "How does the egg get fertilized way inside the mummy?"

Me "I think I told you this before - do you remember?"

Maia "You told me a ridiculous story about a penis. But I didn't believe you."

Me "Oh?"

Maia "Babies get in the mummy's tummy this way." Maia demonstrates by putting one hand on her chest and the other on the top of her pushed out tummy. "Then the mummy's friends ask her if she has noticed how big she is and tell her they think she might be pregnant. Then the mummy goes and sees her midwife who tests her for a baby and then she goes home and has her baby. That penis story is just stupid. How would families with two mummies and no daddies have a baby if you needed one of those."

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