Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Behold - feminism's fifth-wave

Ever since seeing a group of "big girls" dressed head to toe in pink, Maia has dreamed of the day when she too could become a Spark. "Mummy, when I'm big enough I want to be a beautiful pink girl and then a bride."
Well that first wonderful day has come and Maia has made her pledge to "Share and be a Friend" to all the other bright pink girls.

Today Princess Maia galloped up to me on her trusty steed Butterfly, "I'm busy with Princess business." She told me. "I won't be available to set the table."
Was she off to slay a dragon? I asked.
"Of course not - that's so old fashioned. Princes slay dragons, while Princesses do the important stuff. Anyway..." She called, as she galloped out of sight. "Princes are expendable."

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