Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Squirrel Cove Tidal Rapids

I went white water rafting and swimming in the tidal rapids at Squirrel Cove. (Mum's note - the cove has a tidal lagoon that fills at high tide making for some fun rapids.)
It was great. You have to lay really flat because the water is shallow and you can hit the rocks.
We paddled down and swam down.
We did it for two days in a row.

One day was with my new friend Mackenzie.
We saw sea anenomes and star fish.
When we got cold we went back to the boat for hot chocolate.
Please tell me if you like reading my blog and let me know if you have any questions about my life on the boat with my mum, dad and Charlie the cat. I like knowing that someone reads what I write.
From Maia


Lynne said...

Hello Maia,

I am really enjoying your blog. I love being able to see what you are up to these days. It looks like you are having an amazing time. :)
When did you learn to drive the outboard motor?

KellyM said...

hi, Maia! John and I are reading. We will show James and Ayla! we love to see you and what you are doing. see you soon!


boatbaby said...

Zach wants me to let you know we LOVE reading your blog and hearing your point of view on things. He also says, "Maia come sail here to Chesapeake Bay" -- (still getting a grasp on basic geography)
We love you!

windingcirclelifeschool said...

Hello Maia,
We are from australia and we read your blog...we have just started reading it but think you are very lucky to be going on such an adventure.My girls are 10 (soon), 7 and 4 and are homeschooled too...which is how we found your blog!
Hope you keep having such amazing adventures....and we love your black cat!

Jac said...

Hey Maia!
We *love* your blog! Phoenix (my son, who is 5 and home-schooled in NYC) and I are really enjoying seeing your world. Thanks for blogging!

I have a few questions - if you don't mind? We're seriously considering moving boatside and I'd love your take on a few things! First, did your cat settle in easily? I'm not sure how our kitty would do :) Second, how did you feel leaving your stuff behind? I'm not sure how to help our son with the transition... And lastly, does the life vest bug you???

Thanks so much!
jac and Phoenix

acheck said...

Ahoy Maia and thanks for the really interesting blog! I found it from our family/Ceilydh blog.
I'm going to show it to my 9yo daughter. You have such a good attitude and seem to enjoy - or at least appreciate - your different world. We are hoping to do something like your family is doing and I hope my daughters (the 9yo and a 2yo) can find it as positive as you seem to. (You have a WHALE as a school mate!!)
I would love to hear your answers to Jac's questions (last post).
Also: what scares or bothers you most about living on the boat? Do you miss having friends around all the time?
Thanks again and keep it up!

Adam C
Canadian Navy (posted in Ottawa now but Esquimalt soon!)