Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas in Newport Beach

The Christmas Decorations on Balboa Island are completely over the top. Like this one for instance. It blew fake snow off the roof and did a computerized light show every 7-minutes. It took three weeks to decorate.

Another one had fake penguins, fake snow and a fake ice pond in their front garden. This house belongs to a Teddy Bear collector gone crazy. If you look in the windows you will see mountains of bears and stuffies.


Lynne said...

It looks like these are much fancier than you would find in Vancouver. Crazy stuff! We are very cold in Vancouver right now. The weather forecast is for snow in a few days, so I keep thinking about how warm you must be. Lucky you! :)

clarke said...

Hey Maia, what do you want for Christmas? How will I get it to you?
Uncle Clarke