Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moments with friends

How do you shimmy up a coconut palm with only two people?
Scooters are the most typical transportation for cruising kids. You always know which boat has kids judging by the scooters parked out front.
Here we are in front of the local paleta (ice cream) shop having agua frescas (fruit drinks).
Supper with friends.
Sewing quilts with friends.
 Heaven! Dessert at a potluck!
Building a fairy home.

By the way keep an eye out for a future copy of Latitudes and Attitudes. You might find a story written by Mairen, Siobhan and I. We just learned that the magazine is buying the story we submitted!


windingcirclelifeschool said...

Anyone who may have questioned whether or not Maia was going to get any "socialisation" on your trip can now eat their words...she looks like she is having a ball and making loads of friends!

boatbaby said...

Rock on Maia, I can't wait to read your article!