Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Boats come in many shapes and sizes, I should know because I'm currently sailing on one and doing a circumnavigation, I've had tons of fun and made loads of new friends. I wish everyone could have the wonderful experience I am having. Sailing is so fun! (Except for when it's all lumpy and bumpy!)

We're seeing lots of sea turtles and dolphins here in Mexico. And for me, the sea can always substitute for a friend.

We get our water by using a watermaker (it turns seawater into good tasting water!). We get our electricity from the sun, using solar panels. Grocery shopping is much like shopping and living on land, except sometimes you have to shop in little tiny stores that only have rotten bananas and rice.

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Anonymous said...

Maia, you are funny!
Your life is charmed. I'm glad you love it.

Auntie Lynne