Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hi! I have another pet. Its not a cat or a dog or a goldfish. Can you guess what he is? No? Well I'll tell you.
 meet Hoppy
He's a hermit crab! When I walked down the beach yesterday I saw a cool looking shell so I picked it up and there was Hoppy! ( that's what I call my crab) I asked my mom if I could keep him and she said yes. I'm teaching tightrope walking to him and he's very good . He does it up side down. Its pretty funny! Hoppy is blue gray with red at the joints and a white shell. He has black googooly eyes.
 he changes his shell every so often

His habitat is a glass bowl with sand, water, shells, and a big rock. Hoppy's not fuzzy but boy is he cute! He loves climbing up my arms and legs.
 Hoppy's habitat
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Anonymous said...

Hi Maia,

I would love to see a picture of Happy on the tightrope. That is pretty cool! Maybe you could teach him to bounce on a mini trampoline? ;P

I can't wait to see you at the end of the month. I have save some time for you.

Auntie Lynne

Anonymous said...

Hi, We just found your blog, we are a family of 5, we live on our sailboat too. It's fun to see how other boat kids live. Thanks for sharing your pictures~ We blog on xanga, our user name is sailing5

Del Viento said...

what do you feed him?

My name is Eleanor. I am 7. I am going to live on a boat too. I have a sister named Frances. She's 4 years old. My boat is in Mexico. I like your blog.