Thursday, December 02, 2010

New Friends

I've met two new friends. Trinidad and Samantha are two little girls, 5 & 7.  I put on the play Pippy Longstocking with them. ( I was Pippy of course). We had a lot of fun. We're having a sleepover tonight as well. They live in Arizona when they are not on their boat called Endurance. When the market on Sundays happens we go together. Trinadad has blond hair and green eyes and is 5, Samantha has brown hair and brown eyes and is 7 they're sisters. They're both really nice. And funny!

The way cruising kids make friends is if you see a kid at a potluck or something you just go up and say “hi what's your name?”


Anonymous said...

I can see how you make friends easily. You are very nice and sweet to other people. You are also a lot of fun! :)
Auntie Lynne

Makayli said...

Hi Maia,
I'm Makayli (MAH-kay-lee) from Campbell River BC. My mom found your website and thought I could chat for a while. It is Dec 23rd 2010 it's pouring rain. I'm eight years old (almost nine), and I am in third grade. My family and I went to Mexico a few years ago and I celebrated my sixth birthday at a swimming pool there and got hypothermia. Hope you have a good Christmas in the sun.
From Makayli
P.S. Please write back as soon as possible.
From Makayli.

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Hi! Merry Christmas! because we can't fit a turkey in our ovan we're having ham. thanks for leaving a comment, I hope you come back to my blog.