Monday, February 07, 2011


 Crocodile babies are small, only about 1& a half feet long. How do I know? Not because I read a lot, (although I do) not because I saw pictures, (although I have) I know because I've seen them. (Although not in a zoo.) I saw them in the mangroves of Tenacatita. 
 We were cruising down the mangroves minding our own business when suddenly my mom started yelling at my dad to turn the dinghy around and get the camera because she had seen a crocodile. By the time we turned the dinghy around it was gone, but we were excited because when there's one there's bound to be more. I kept looking and soon we spotted the second one; it had a long snout and was olive green and lumpy. It was a baby. After that we saw three more.
not a crocodile, just a nice bird...
 See you later alligator,
in a while crocodile.


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