Friday, September 09, 2011

Places I Love

My grandma asked me about my favourite place since we left Canada. I don't have a favorite place so here are my favorite things from each place.

THE U.S.: I really loved Christmas time. We were in Newport Beach (in California) for it. I didn't love it just because I got great presents, (although that was pretty fun) it was fun because of all the little secrets, decking out the boat for Christmas, cutting paper snowflakes, singing silly Christmas songs, and the feeling of merriment.

MEXICO: I loved La Crez and I met my friends Mairen and Siobhan and soon we became inseparable, sleepovers every night, eating ice creams, going to the market together . . .We strengthened each other and we became best friends.

MARQUESAS: It was a big change from hot, dry Mexico to the humid, misty Marquesas. Instead of sandy ridges there were towering lush, green mountains. We arrived very early in the morning, at about 4:00 am. We went back to bed and I woke up first at 6:00 am. I went outside and I saw huge green mountains and endless mist. If the explorers saw the same sight I did, I almost don't blame them for wanting the islands for themselves.

TUAMOTUS: We met so many great friends there. Dinner was almost always spent laughing and joking with another family. I loved how many potlucks and meals we all had together. The weather was perfect and every day was an new adventure.

SOCIETYS: I loved hanging out with my friends and going shopping in the Carrefour (a super market) with them. I liked going with my mom to the pearl shop and looking at buckets of pearls and deciding which pearl to do what with for which friend. And I loved the strong scent of fresh flowers in the morning from the shore.

COOKS: I liked motor scootering with our friends, except my dad and I crashed and that wasn't so fun. I liked going to see the giant clams even though we almost sank. (The dinghy was over loaded). It was fun going to shore in my kayak by pulling myself along the shore line. Everyone on the island was very friendly.

TONGA: We were in the first calm anchorage for a long, long time and as the sun set my parents and I swam towards the sandy beach. We played there for a while then we swam home.
That night I felt complete, a family.

FIJI: I really liked swimming in the water fall. It was so cold! In one place the rocks had worn away a natural water slide. There was a big bump about 6 ft down and it looked like it was really going to hurt but since you were airborne for the last 6 ft it didn't matter. It was really fun and I had a great time.

Our friends Mark and Val just left. Mark taught me to scuba dive. Our other friends Jen and Peter are coming with their kids Anja and Cara. We're going to Regatta Week (a big cruising get together with games and barbecues) so I guess this list will just keep growing.

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Lynne said...

Hi Maia,

Wow, what a great post you have written. Your Grandma Marg had a great idea to ask you about your favourite things.

I really liked the narrative about what you loved in different places. With each word I can get to see the colours of your world a little more fully. I am so happy for you because you are visiting such incredible places and enjoying life with really great people.

When Jen & Peder come down they have a little package for you from me. I hope you like what I have made for you.

Keep writing because I love hearing about your life (as I am sure everyone else does).

Much Love,
Auntie Lynne