Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello Australia!

Hi! We are on the last 100m leg of our journey to Australia. While in the South Pacific we've traveled 7350 m. Tonight we'll have arrived in Bundaberg

I'm learning morse code for fun right now so here's a message for anyone that can read it. .-. .. --. .... - -. .. -- .--. .- ... .. .. -. --. -- -.-- ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. … -... --- .- -

It's going to be very nice getting to Australia because there's going to be fresh milk, celery that isn't $2 a stalk, cheese, apples, and FLOUR THAT DOESN'T HAVE BUGS IN IT! Trust me, having flour without bugs in it is a big deal. My mum wonders where I'll get my extra protein but I'm not too sad to say adios to the bugs, to be honest. Our ETA, ( Estimated Arrival Time ) is at 1:am and we'll anchor in the quarantine anchorage. A lot of my friends are selling their boats in Australia and flying home so I'll have to say goodbye to a lot of friends.

A ton of my old friends went to Australia last year so I'll get to see them and that'll be really cool. We're going to be in Bundaberg for week or two and then we'll move down to Brisban and go to visit Sidney and pick up my cat Charlie who's arriving in Australia a bit after us.

Getting back to civilization is going to be amazing. Hot showers, fresh food, super markets . . . It's going to be awesome but weird. I'm really excited.

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Lynne said...

Hello Maia,

I am glad to hear that you are in Australia and had a good crossing. I am also glad to hear you have old friends to catch up with. You seem to have them across the world now. :)

I am very impressed that you are learning morse code. It took me a while to decipher your morse. I got "Rightnimpasiingmyfriendsboat", I think I have either made a few mistakes or there are typo's in there. Nonetheless, I think you said "right now I'm passing my friends boat". Is that right?

We have pretty exciting weather here tonight. The wind is howling through the trees beside my house and the branches are swaying wildly. I love this time of year on the west coast, when all the leaves are falling on the ground and the season is sharply turning.

An interesting tidbit about my life is that I met a real wolf the other day. While walking my dogs I bumped into a dog trainer who had a "movie" wolf. He was two years old and quite amazing. In many ways he was like any other dog, except for his sharp teeth and small piercing eyes. He was very calm and liked it when I petted him. He leaned against me a few times. The big difference that I did notice was that he seemed to have the kind of wisdom beyond any domestic dog I have met. I guess it is because he is closer to being wild and still has all of his acute senses with him.

Keep writing Miss Maia. I love reading your posts.

Much Love,
Auntie Lynne