Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back on the Water

After two and a bit years in the beautiful city of Brisbane, we have officially left to seek new and exciting adventures, which, I, the author, shall tell you, the reader about in this blog. Are you excited yet? If you aren’t, TOO BAD! BECAUSE I AM!! Brisbane was lovely but I think I speak for my entire family when I say we are insanely glad to leave.

Charlie the cat, however, is rather annoyed that we’ve left the comfortable place that he grew to love. He’s also irritated about the whole motion thing and we’ve had to explain to him that when you SAIL, you MOVE. He’s improving everyday though. He doesn’t run and hide when the engine starts but just lies on the couch looking upset. The other day I’m pretty sure he was laughing at my dad and I when we went to clean the bottom of the boat in fourteen degree water. When we got out, we were shivering so badly we were having trouble walking and it was quite a while before we thawed out. 

We are currently sailing through the Great Sandy Straights and it will be quite awhile before we leave Australia. I’ll be starting homeschooling in a week or two and I’m quite excited to start chemistry and quantum physics. I’ll also be doing the novel study of Coraline and the film study of Spirited Away, (part of the same curriculum as my Aussie friends!).  I’ll continue to post on my blog as much as possible. Bye!!

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