Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day One - Things I Like

I like calm waters best.

Sometimes the nets are a very nice place to be lazy.

If you ever feel seasick, steer the boat instead of just riding, you'll feel better.

Crab! I love crab. I picked these crab up off the rocks this morning at low tide. These are called Red Rock crabs. They are very sweet but very hard to crack.

Exploring was one of the fun things I got to do today, I also went kayaking, wading, seaweed picking and dingy riding to shore for icecream eating.


boatbaby said...

(this is from Zach) "Tell Maia that I want her to come on her boat to Chesapeake Bay so we can explore together. Hey mom, when she came here before was she on her boat? (no honey she took an airplane) Oh. Right. Well next time she needs to bring the boat."

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Dear Zach, Come find us in the South Pacific - we can explore underwater caves together.