Tuesday, July 28, 2009


One of Maia’s biggest worries about going sailing was her concern that she’s never going to have friends again. I completely understand this. The last time we headed off sailing I visualized night after night of Evan and I alone. Him winning at chess and talking endlessly about the finer points of yacht engineering, while I slowly withered from the lack of diverse companionship.

It was almost enough to keep me on land…

Have done this before though, Ev and I are in the unique position that we can assure Maia she will meet kids. She will make friends. She won’t have to learn about optimized foil shapes while other kids are building forts and such.

We told her this. But she didn’t believe us.

So we showed her.

Kids are amazing when it comes to making friends. We took Maia to the beach. Stood her in front of two little girls who were catching bullheads – and two hours later they had formed a club dedicated to kindness to animals and sworn to a lifelong friendship.

Then we left that anchorage to meet friends in Silva Bay so she (and we!) could reconnect with friends she hadn’t seen in two years. Within an hour they had planned a sleepover and a sailing trip.

There’s a lesson here – I’m pretty sure.

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acheck said...

So glad to read your "Friends" post. A big concern - made a little less worrisome maybe reading what you have to say. Hope my wife reads it too and thinks the same :)

Adam C