Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Ocean School

A boater's birthdays are always fun - this was my 3rd, 8th birthday.
 This is the lighthouse near Victoria - we saw it just before we left to go south.
The sun is hot to hold. When the sun went down I helped with night watches - at night we keep sailing because there is no where to stop. It was fun because I got to sleep on the settee.
This is a humpback whale we saw he's one of my classmates. Don't you like him?
He likes gym and likes leaping and dancing.
We got to Coos Bay Oregon after 3 days at sea. I like passage making - Charlie wasn't so keen on it though.
 I was sad that we had to give away our crab trap before we left, but I found a new tiny one. So far I've caught five crab, a star fish and a fish carcas.
That's my school desk and these are my class mates. They are noisy and smelly, but when you're home schooled you have to take what you get.


windingcirclelifeschool said...

Wow they are wonderful whale photos.Did you take them?Down here we get Southern Right Whales that come up to here in winter from Antarctica.They dont eat the whole time they are in the warm australian waters!

You have some amazing "class" mates:)

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Thanks for writing me - my classmates are stinky and noisy but I like them!
I'm going to sail to Australia one day.

boatbaby said...

We love the photo of the sun in your hands! Thanks for keeping us up to date, please write more Maia. We love hearing YOUR words!

Anonymous said...

Must have been beautiful to see the whale! Have you been to the website whalenet? It's great for cruising families helping scientists keep track of whales.

Seven C's said...

You have cool classmates! We loved our passage down to Oregon from Puget Sound. We started out in Olympia, Washington and came down to Winchester Bay, Oregon which is right by Coos Bay. Sorry we missed you when you were in Coos bay!
We would have loved to meet your family. Did you stop briefly in Winchester Bay before going on to Coos Bay?