Friday, September 25, 2009


Maia’s been talking in riddles lately. We all have.
It grew out of a homeschooling activity – ‘research an animal that interests you and make up a riddle based on facts you’ve learned.’

Maia’s first riddles were these:
My large eyes help me see in the dark
I am very cute
My long tail and long arms help me swing from trees
I live in the Amazon Rain forest
What am I?

Green skin around my eyes,
An optical illusion,
I mostly hop,
I’m a poor flyer.
What am I?

(if you leave your answer in the comments and Maia will tell you if you’ve got it:)

Her riddles have grown so cryptic that we need to let go of our adult thoughts and imagine the world through her eyes:

Mountains High
Valleys broad
Sun shining on my peak
I was once a volcano
Who am I?

Long sandy beaches
A hideaway
And friends

 At first we thought Maia was approaching riddle making the way she used to approach Eye Spy. Rather than giving us clues about something she could see – she gave us clues about something she imagined and wished she could see (made for a tricky game…)

But they all have solutions, we just need to close our eyes and listen. 

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Del Viento said...

The first one, I have no idea what it is, but it's a type of monkey, I think. I've seen pictures of it.
The second one is a grasshopper. I think so.