Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ceilydh the Wash House

I was just sitting around on an ordinary day when mum announced that it was laundry day. Now, we don't have the typical washing and drying machine. But we do have some pretty awesome tools.

Yeah, I know it looks like a toilet plunger but it works pretty good for washing clothes.

This is dad working the ringer. You have to be careful not to get your fingers caught.

This is a pretty old-fashioned technique for drying clothes - it's called a clothes line. It works better in Mexico than in Vancouver.

But I don't always work hard, you know.


Lynne said...

Hey Maia,

I love reading your blog updates!

The tools you have look pretty good. When I was a girl my parents did laundry this exact same way, minus the toilet plunger of course. We had an large ringer to squeeze out the water. The clothes dried outside only when it wasn't raining, but we usually hung them up near the fireplace inside.

Love Auntie Lynne

p.s. I love how happy you look in the last picture ... you have such a gorgeous smile.

Behan said...

You have a wringer! I am really jealous... funny as that sounds!

We can't wait to meet you,
the family on s/v Totem

Mark said...

Impressed with your wringer. Where did you get that wonderful device?

boatbaby said...

Thanks for sharing Maia, very cool! Tell your mum and dad it's time to lose the lumberjack socks