Sunday, February 07, 2010

Life in Mexico

Clumsy blue-footed Boobie Bird
Charlie is sitting in the boat chattering at some birds right now. Just like him I'm really liking all the animals in Mexico. Like this cat for instance. Her name is Lala. We saw her at a restaurant and she came to us and let me pick her up.
She's as light as a feather.
This is our faithful boat cat Charlie. He's been through some pretty rough weather and some pretty bad storms, but he's a good side kick.
Here is a Gray Whale spouting. We saw more than 50 whales when we came out of Bahia Magdalena. They migrate from to Mag Bay to give birth to their calves.


Lynne said...

Lala looks like a really cute cat, but not as cute as Charlie.

Can Charlie swim and climb up a rope like Travis?

I am sure you know that the grey whales migrate from Baja to Alaska every year. In March they will travel past Vancouver Island. It is really neat to think about how far they travel.

Auntie Lynne

Lori said...

Hi Maia,

How are things down in Mexico? Over here, it is probably a little colder.

The Olympics are here and it is so crowded but I could get used to this! There are people from all over the world coming just to see Vancouver. We are having a blast at all the activities.

How long have you had your cat? He is very cute. Our cat Gypsy is scratching the couch so we have this sort of two sided tape to stop her.

The other day, I slid off the couch and got my hair caught on it.

Did you see all of the San Diego Zoo?

Very kool blog!

Love Danielle

ps I can't wait to see you again!

Maia said...

Hi maia

my name is maia too I'm 11. I found your blog on your moms blog . my mom was on your moms blog. I live in Ottawa I have three cats.
I love the pic of your cat he is so cute.