Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crafts on the Beach

Yesterday I dyed one of my favorite dresses. It was a white embroidered slip, which my mom thought was too stained to wear. So she suggested I dye it when we were invited to a dying class on the beach. I did. I dyed it purple and turquoise. Turquoise at the hem and purple for the rest. It looks really cool now. There were tons of colors to choose from but I eventually chose purple and turquoise. It sort of looks like tie dye but cooler. Some people dyed bags, others blankets and still others shirts. Anyway, I had an amazing day and I'm happy I did it. Dying stuff is fun.

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Lynne said...

Oh, I love that Maia.
I tried to dye a white dress once ... it didn't turn out quite as well & had to be tossed out. But you have done a great job. I especially like the tipped bottom.
Do you knit yet? Or is it just too hot to knit anything?
Auntie L.