Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Tortilleria

I just got fresh tortillas today and can you guess where they came from? Yup that's right the tortilleria.

 The tortilla machine looks like a giant conveyer belt with a shmoosher, and a fire, and a cooling rack, all in one. The shmoosher shmooshes, the fire cooks, and the cooler cools.

We bought harina (wheat flour) but you can also get maiz (corn). You can buy medio kilo for 12 pesos or about 1$.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Maia, lucky you. I love the smell of the fresh tortillas at the tortilleria. I also love how the stacks of the bread feel warm in the bag as you take them away.

It's really fun to watch them being made too! :)

Auntie L.