Friday, July 08, 2011

My Ukulele

Hi again! It's me Maia Selkirk with another interesting story to tell. Anyways I'm learning to play a instrument. Try to guess what type. Still don't know? All right I'll tell you, a ukulele!

I'm taking lessons at downtown Papeete at Pedron Music, and after only 2 lessons I can play a song.
My ukulele is made from smooth honey colored wood from the miromiro tree. It's shaped like a electric guitar and it's a Tahitian ukulele and has a high clear ringing tone that sounds like a stream running over some rocks.
It's kind of easy . . . so far. My teacher's name is John and he's been playing ukuleles since he was a little boy. He has a double ukulele which is 2 ukulele's stuck together and during a song you can switch back forth between ukuleles.  


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Anonymous said...

Hi Maia,

You are learning so many interesting things! We can't wait to hear you play you ukelele someday.

And congratulations on having you story published!

Have fun and keep posting your blog entries - we all really enjoy your updates.

X Lori, Moshe and Danielle