Sunday, July 03, 2011

Tahiti! (with pictures by Maia)

The black sand beaches
Hi everyone! Here I am again in Tahiti. Yesterday we went on a guided tour of the island and stopped  at, Point Venus, The blowhole, the spring waters, the black sand surfing beach, the light house (I had a large, delicious slice of chocolate cake at the light house).
the spray from the blowhole
 Then we stopped at the botanical gardens to look at all the beautiful flowers and have a cone of refreshing boysenberry ice cream. From there we went to the fern grottos  and then we went home.

just a few of the beautiful flowers
 Ruth, our guide, told us many interesting facts about the culture, for an instance did you know that when a Tahitian child misbehaves a common punishment is buying and planting a tree. The worst punishment is planting a banana tree. When a child is told that they have to plant a banana tree they dissolve into tears and screams. When we asked Ruth why it was so hard she said “because you have to dig to china”anyways it's time for me to go . . . soooo so long for now!

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